Com 210: Tia Caton

My portfolio for COM210 at Washington State University

Logo Final Project


When I first started this project I got a lot of design inspiration from other EDM artists that I listened to. I ended up going on to google and found some inspiration such as the one here. I noticed that a lot of these logos were pretty simple and used a lot of negative space in their work. I wanted to try to incorporate this theme into my design as well but also have it be a fun and exciting. I think that I was able to successfully use negative space and keep it pretty simple but still intriguing.

I decided to create my own “company” name by taking a commonly used phrase used at EDM festivals.  Girls who like heavy bass in music are sometimes called this and so I wanted my logo to appeal to them an other ravers. I feel like I was able to accomplish this by not only making the bunny generic but also the colors and text. At first when I was creating my design I was afraid that it was too busy and almost didn’t put the music notes and distortion coming out of the headphones. However, this loud, chaotic kind of feel is a huge part of what EDM festivals are all about. I felt as if I didn’t include this then the feeling of heavy bass wouldn’t be portrayed and I wouldn’t have as successfully demonstrated the feel of EDM. At first I started with just the bunny head but then I started to think that it looked a little boring and that the name of my company wouldn’t be remembered. To fix this I decided to add the Bs in the background and really loved the look. As for the colors I knew I wanted a loud kind of “in-your-face” color to help with the feeling of crazy, fun music. I ended up doing the gradient too to make the bunny a little less green and a little more turquoise. I know that orange is a good contrasting color to green so I made the headphones that to pop out a little more from the scene.

To being my project I started out by using the pen tool to draw out an ear. Once I was happy with that I copied it and used the transform function to reflect it. once I had two separate ear shapes I decided to make a head. This was the part that took me a while because I wasn’t ever happy with how it looked. After I had drawn my shape I used the functions under the pen tool to add more anchor points and add the fur on the top of the head and the cheeks of the bunny. I ended up making the head less round and was finally happy with that. After this I used the shape too to make two long narrow rectangles for the eyes and again grouped them, copied them and reflected them to make equally sized eyed. For the mouth I used the line segment tool and made the stroke to 6 points. For both the nose and mouth I used the pen tool and free formed all of the shapes. I used a lot of bunny pictures as references but never used any to trace. Finally I filled everything with the colors I chose and merged them together. For the headphones I created a free form shape and added another rectangle to it. I noticed that headphones had kind of a rounded rectangular part to them so I also used the shape too to add a rectangle with rounded edges. After that I grouped it, copied it and then reflected it to make the other side of the headphone. For the arching part I just used the pen tool and used curved lines. To make them look a little more 3D I added a radial gradient tool and a lighter orange at the sides. Lastly I used the type tool to type out a B. I then converted it to outlines, copied it and reflected it. I set this behind the bunny and then used the type too again to write “Bass Bunny” and “Productions.

Overall I had a lot of fun making this logo and fell in love with using Illustrator!






Logo Design Draft

Help me choose which to use!

For this project I ended up really liking two of my sketches and the ideas that I could pursue with them. Both logos above include terms that are regularly heard and seen in the EDM festival culture. In the first logo I decided to use the idea of bass and loud heavy music because that is what is heard in EDM music. Bass, or hearing the bass drop, is the surrounding idea of a lot of EDM songs. The second logo I created incorporates the idea of kandi. At EDM festivals everyone wears and trades these “Kandi” bracelets as a means to meet new people and make different memories with each. The hands creating a heart are also a part of the trading process.

For both of my logos I really tried to focus on the idea of balance and looked a little bit at the idea of figure and ground. I made sure to have the same number of bracelets on each wrist along with  a similar amount of music notes on each side of the bunny ears. I also found that I really liked the idea of mirroring the letters on both logos. For example the use of the Bs in the background or the Ks in the middle of the hands. I feel as thought this really helps with the balance. However, to make sure things were still visually appealing I made sure to tilt one bunny ear a little more and make various kandi for each wrist. I took a lot of ideas for text and some of my logo design from other EDM artist’s logos such as the ones found here. For my design process I started with a draft of my logos on paper. I then outlined and image of hands and created my own shapes from there in order to create the Kandi Krew logo. For my Bass Bunny logo I also started with a hand drawn draft. From there I created all of my own shapes to create and image of a bunny. I ended up using these images as a reference for how I wanted my headphones to look on my bunny’s head. When designing these I really tried to focus on my color use and incorporate bright fun colors. I feel like it makes my logos a little more memorable while also reflecting the feel of EDM festivals.

To begin my project I started with making the Kandi Krew logo. First I inserted and image of heart hands that I liked. From there I created a vector image of the hands by using the pen tool and tracing the outline of the hands. After that I filled the hands with the gradient fill and used a linear gradient to make the pink to purple fade of the hands. Next I took the shape tool and created some small rectangles about the shape of a bead. I then curved their edges by dragging in the smallish grey circle on the shape. After this I made a more square shaped bead using the shape tool and rounding the edges slightly. To make all of the beads appear more 3D I used a radial gradient fill and made sure a lighter color was on the outside to create a sort of highlight or shine. In order to flip the K I used the type tool and typed out two Ks in the font that I liked. I then used the create outlines option so that they could be manipulated separately and more like a shape. Finally I reflected the one K and used the type tool to add the rest of the text.

As for my Bass Bunny logo I used the pen tool to create my bunny’s head and the other shapes for the mouth, ears and head phones. I then used a radial gradient fill on the headphones to make them more 3D and a linear gradient fill for the bunny to fade the colors. I made the outlines all various shapes and then expanded them so that the image was scale-able. I did the same thing for the background Bs as I did for the Ks and created the music all with the shape and pen tool.  As for technical issues the only thing that I ran into was not being able to switch the outlines so that they would change to scale with the rest of the image. I finally had to go back to one of the tutorials in order to remember how to do it.


Outline of hand image:

I was able to find this image on Pixabay  by searching “heart hands”. This was uploaded by the user Tante Tati under the CC0 creative commons domain which also allows me to use it.

For my logo design I wanted to create a company name that I could create or base images off of to help portray the idea of the company.


Illustrator Tutorials

Project 1: Final Graphic Design Image

photoshop_project_1_finalDuring the course of this project I just really wanted to focus on having fun with my design and keeping in mind the feelings EDM concerts bring me. While creating my image I tried to create something similar to that of what you see and feel at a concert. I know from my experience when I go everything is loud, flashy and just a little bit crazy but that’s exactly what makes the experience. My design might seem a little bit cluttered in areas and have some vivid colors but it is these characteristics that really tie my image to my topic.

When I first started my project there were 3 major things that influenced how I wanted mine to look. First off this image of a Paradiso festival poster influenced my color choice and the desire to create something similar in that aspect. Along with this, other USC Events posters really guided me with what I wanted to look at and inspired me to create my work. The second major influence I had was a picture that I took at the Freak Night EDM festival that I attended in October. I thought the lights and vibrant colors in this image were really cool and knew I wanted to incorporate it. Lastly were the hands that I have in the background of my image. At many festivals you can see people throwing up hearts with their hands or other symbols all throughout the crowd. I don’t know if this is just a concert thing or specific to just EDM but I thought I was a mandatory staple for my work.

For my first draft I started with the galaxy sky as my background image. I loved the stars and purples and proceeded to add more layers over it. By placing two cloud layers and changing their filter I was able to lighten up the image a lot more while making it appear to have pinkish cloud forms. Also, by adding a hue/saturation clipping mask to each of these layering photos, I was able to manipulate them each in their own way. When I was satisfied with the background I decided to insert the hands. For this portion I used the lasso tool to outline the shape of the hands and then created a clipping mask to hide the parts I didn’t want. After this I painted them black and changed their filter so that the image of the galaxy would show through them. I wanted the hands to kind of blend with the background but still be just a little bit visible. I layered four rows of the same silhouetted crowed and changed the colors in order to mimic the idea of a large receding crowd. I then used the lasso tool to select and crop the area so that they would fit into the hands. After that I added the image that inspired my design into the center as a focus. Lastly I inserted a few more people and called my draft good.

After reviewing the feedback from my peers and looking at my design with a fresh eye I decided to clean up the clipping of the people in my design and add a few more elements.  I started with adding confetti to the top of my design. At almost every festival there is confetti and it was something I hadn’t thought about originally. I removed the original blue background and selected just the confetti by using the magic wand tool. I selected all of the background and then inverted my selection so that only the colored confetti was chosen. After that I inserted it into my image and gave it a clipping mask to manipulate its hue/saturation. Next I duplicated the image of people with raised hands and placed it on the right side. In the comments people had mentioned how the image looked uneven with hands being raised on only one side so I that was my attempt at solution. To even out the spacing of my people I added another image of my friends and used the lasso tool to select them out of the background. Lastly, people had mentioned how they thought I should change the background of the hands so that they would pop out more. I tried putting in a purple background but I didn’t like how it looked and it honestly went against what my original design concept was. Instead, I tried to define the outlines of the hands a little more by adding speakers so that they hands would have more of an edge to them. The very last thing I did was change the size and font of my text. I felt as though it was getting lost in the business of everything else so I made it a little bit bigger and chose a thicker font so that it would pop out more.

For this project I didn’t really run into any challenges or problems. I knew how to use a lot f the tools in Photoshop in order to successfully change and manipulate the images they way I wanted to use them. I did find that by doing the Photoshop tutorials I was able to learn a few things that helped me through this project. I think the most helpful thing was learning how to use the inverse of a selection by going to the selection panel and then clicking inverse. I had always struggled with figuring out how to select the specific portion of a photo that I wanted and this was the perfect solution for it.

Overall I had a lot of fun playing with these images and learning just how to manipulate them. I really hope I captured the feel of EDM festivals and that my viewers enjoy my work!

Image Citations

The following are all images that I found on Pixabay under the CC0 creative commons public domain.

  • Image  uploaded by  Unsplash found by searching Pixabay with the term “galaxy”;
  • Image  uploaded by the user tommyvideo found by searching Pixabay with the term “galaxy”;
  • Image  uploaded by the user Unsplash found by searching Pixabay with the term “galaxy”;
  • Image uploaded by the user geralt found by searching Pixabay with the term “galaxy”;
  • Image uploaded by the user PeteLinforth found by searching Pixabay with the term “crowd”;
  • Image uploaded by the user Tante Tati found by searching Pixabay with the term “heart hands”;
  • Image uploaded by the user Golda found by searching Pixabay with the term “confetti”;
  • Image uploaded by the user Mizter_x94 found by searching Pixabay with the term “speakers”;

The following are all images that I found on Visualhunt under the Creative Commons License 2.o  indicating that I can use it for non-commercial use and I can modify it which I did.

  • Image uploaded by Thomas Hawk found by searching Visualhunt with the term “rave”;

The following images I received by Facebook Messenger from my friend Bianca. She gave me permission to use her work.

The following images I received by Facebook Messenger from my friend Olivia. She gave me permission to use her work.

The rest of the images are my own.


Click to enlarge

For this project I really wanted to create a surreal like scene that appears to be almost dream like. I wanted the viewer to feel immersed in the culture of EDM festivals and what you feel when you attend one. I feel like this is a really good representation of my topic because I’m going to incorporate as much of the EDM culture as I can. To do this I included the silhouettes of people in a crowd, a stage that I got to see myself, heart hands and group photos of various people at events.   Some of the principals that inspired me were the Gestalt Theory and things such as proximity and hierarchy. The Gestalt theory says that the whole is other than the sum of its parts. For me this means that each of the smaller parts within the whole has its own relevance and contribution to the piece’s meaning. I looked at a lot of posters for concerts and events like that and got a lot of inspiration from those. I noticed that a lot of EDM Festival posters had bright, flashy colors and tried to mimic that in mine.

I decided to use the galaxy background because it is often seen a lot in the EDM scene. Along with this it helps give the idea of how big the world is and where your place in it might be. Following this I had the outline of the hands in the shape of a heart. I used this because there are a number of photos taken like this at festivals and it was a good way to tie in the text I had of “finding what you love”. Within the hands are the silhouettes of people in a crowd which is often the only thing you see when you are at these festivals because the lights are so bright. At the very bottom I began to add pictures of groups at different events, enjoying their time together. I thought this would help incorporate the idea of “finding where you belong”.

To find the images I wanted to use I gathered some of my own and some from my friends. Along with this I used the stock photos from various free websites. Some of the tools that I used were the magic wand tool to select various parts of the image that I wanted to keep and then would create a clipping mask to hide the parts I didn’t want. I would then re paint certain areas that I wanted back too. Another really useful were the adjustment layers in order to create a sort of unity among the colors. These were the main tools I used throughout my drafting process. I didn’t really run into any problems along the way but I’m sure as I edit and revise I’ll sun into some.

Image Citations

I got this image from my friend Bianca and belongs to her, however I asked for permission to use it in this project and it was approved.

I found this image by searching on pixabay the key word “galaxy”. It was shared by the user Unsplash August 2016. I know I have the right to use this legally because it is under the CC0 creative commons public domain.

I also found these other three images by searching Pixabay with the term “galaxy” all of which are also under the CC0 creative commons public domain.

  • Image 1 uploaded by the user tommyvideo
  • Image 2  uploaded by the user Unsplash
  • Image 3  uploaded by the user geralt

Another image I was able to find on Pixabay was this one uploaded by the user PeteLinforth. This image was uploaded with the CC0 Creative commons public domain license  which allows me to use it in this project.

The last image I was able to find on Pixabay was this image by searching “heart hands”. This was uploaded by the user Tante Tati under the CC0 creative commons domain which also allows me to use it.

I found this image by searching “rave” on Visualhunt. It was uploaded by Thomas Hawk and was under the creative commons license 2.0 indicating that I can use it for non-commercial use and I can modify it which I did.

Lastly I got this image  image from one of my friends, Olivia who gave me permission to use it.

Project 1: Photo Collection

For this project I was thinking of using my own photos and those of my friends to create the feeling of being at an EDM festival through visuals and colors. I would be creating an event poster for EDM festivals and the experiences and memories you can make with your friends.

Photoshop Tutorials

Here are my finished tutorials!

Topic Introduction: EDM Festivals

My friends and I at the Magnifique festival in September 2016

Earlier this year, in the month of September, I remember sitting in my sorority with some of my room mates while they excitedly chattered about some festival. At the time I had no idea what Magnifique was or anything about EDM songs or artists. My friends badgered me for days until I finally caved and decided to go with them. For me this was something completely new. I had only been to a few concerts before this and was a little nervous for what I was in for. In the end however, I loved it. No concert had been like my night at Magnifique and I met so many new and different people from all over. I think it was a great experience and introduced me to a whole new music culture. I decided to choose this as my topic so that I could share a little bit of my experiences in this world with other people too!

In order to be successful in my projects I was thinking about collecting some of my own media to use. I have some old photos of my friends and I at events that we went to before and also plan to collect more during the future festivals I plan to go to. Along with this I can use creative commons license images and media to help out where I can’t necessarily fill myself.

The reason why I thought EDM festivals would be a good topic to choose is because of how easily ideas came to mind for some of the projects. For the first project I can easily make a collage of images from previous festivals I have been to. Along with this I can incorporate free images to add more depth to my projects. I already have an idea of creating a poster highlighting some of the best parts of going to these festivals. My second idea includes creating a video highlight of all the visuals and friendship aspects of EDM festivals. I was thinking of including my own videos and potentially interviewing people about their experiences at these festivals.

While looking at inspiration for my topic I found three things that really stuck out to me. The first is this video created by USC events advertising the festival called Resolution.

I really liked this video because of the song they chose in the background and also the various angles they shot for the video. I’m hoping that with enough tutorials and teaching myself I’ll be able to create something like this. I thought It was a great way to advertise and seeing as how I went to this event I can use some of my own media in it.

The second source that inspired me was an artist’s Instagram page. Below is the link.

His Instagram has a bunch of concerts that he has been at and shows a lot of what the EDM culture is like. Having seen him live also makes him an inspiration to try to portray.

My last source of inspiration came from a variety of different artists logos and names.

Image is from and highlights a number of widely known EDM artists.

So many of these logos and names provide insight on what the artist is like and what their music might sound like. So many of these have helped me with my idea process and what I might want to do for project two.

Overall I’m excited to start these projects and see where they take me!

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