I think my favorite project this semester was the Premiere project we finished with. For me it was a really fun activity that allowed me to make a sort of after movie of all of my EDM experiences. I really liked being able to look back on all of the events that I went to and for me it was a really fun and personal project. I think I was really able to portray the feeling of EDM festivals and felt the most proud of this project. When I started I had little to no knowledge of how to use Premiere. After some of the tutorials and a few additional how to videos I felt a lot more comfortable with the program. I have never really done much with video editing and I think I have come really far from where I first started. I really enjoyed being able to create a video on a topic that I was passionate about and the learning process along the way.

I feel like everything that I learned in this course will really help me with my  future plans. I hope to one day join the Graphic Design field and I know that Adobe will be a major part of that job. I feel like each of these projects really helped me grow and transform my skills. The first project really helped me with design lay out. I had a lot of technical skills with Photoshop before this project but I think it really made me think more about how things should be laid out and how to create a poster for a certain type of audience. The second project was definitely a close second as a favorite. I never used to like Illustrator as a program but after this semester, I have come to love it. I also had a little bit of technical experience with this program before entering Com 210 but the class gave me a good review on the characteristics of a good logo. This part I really enjoyed because it relied heavily on design and graphic design which I hope to pursue later in life.

The last two projects I really enjoyed and think they will help with my future but maybe not to the same extent as the other two. I liked the audio project and learned a lot about Audition. I originally knew nothing about that program and had a lot of fun learning how to use it. Finally, as I had stated above, the premiere project helped me learn a lot about video editing. I knew nothing about the program and never really put much thought into different shooting angles and the 10 second rule. Overall I think I gained a lot of technical skills that will aid me in my career.

I don’t think there were any skills that I wish I could have learned. I know on the class website there are a lot of links to tutorials and other sites that aid in the students learning. I really think this class is based on your own learning. I feel like we were all given the tools to learn the skills we wanted, it was just up to us to utilize the extra material given. I personally used a few of the links from the class pages and found that they were really helpful. I also used a lot of YouTube tutorials and how to videos to figure out how to do certain things. You could definitely say that Google was an important tool for this class.

All in all I really liked how this class was set up. I think we were able to learn at our own pace and I liked the fact that it was a little self taught. I would definitely recommend taking this class online and think that having to be in class for attendance each unit helps force students go in and ask for feedback. I loved the experiences I had with this class and had a lot of fun along the way! Thanks for a great semester.