For this project I got a lot of inspiration from the trailers that are put out before EDM concerts happen. There are also these videos called After Movies that both people and the companies that put these events on make. Usually they feature music from artists that were there and video clips of previous years performances. I really liked the video set up and the way they showed both the stage and the people in the crowd. Some of the videos that really gave me inspiration were here, here and here.

To start my project I took all of my own videos and images. I went to all of these events and tried to take as much video as possible. I’m a little disappointed though, because a lot of my favorite videos were taken vertically which I couldn’t use for this project. After choosing which videos I wanted to use I inserted them into my project. At first I thought I was only going to use video clips but then I added some images with transitions in order to show off more of my friends and I because, in reality, EDM festivals are all about spending time with friends. After getting all the material I wanted to use I clipped the videos shorter to the parts that had the most stable footage. After that I used the position editing tool to make the video pan over my images. I made sure to switch up between zooming in, out and panning up and down on the images.

After I had everything where I wanted it to be I decided to add in some text. For this I just used different titles by clicking add new title. I put the titles in the second row for videos so that the text would overlay the image that I wanted it to. After I was happy with that I decided to add some effects. Because a lot of my video footage already had a lot going on in it I didn’t want to go crazy with the transitions. I decided the best idea was probably to just add some fade in white or black between certain parts. For some I didn’t use any transitions at all. Happy with how my video looked I decided I was going to add some audio. At first I wanted to interview friends again but this time around I decided to tell my personal journey through EDM festivals and why I love them so much. After using the slice tool to cut out any awkward gaps and unwanted audio I inserted my music and my project was finished.

I think out of all of the projects this one challenged me the most. I had a lot of trouble using the program on my computer. For some reason every time it played through it would skip and cut out. I ended up having to record my audio on my phone and then import it because of this. I also didn’t know how to use the program that well so there was a lot of learning and googling how to do things along the way. In the end I had a lot of fun and am happy with how my project turned out.


I found the following music on under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States creative commons license.

This image was not my own. It belongs to my friend Bianca and she gave permission for it to be used in this project.

All other material was my own.


I know we are not allowed to use copyright material in our projects and that is why I used the audio that I did for my project. I wasn’t sure exactly how fair use is applied and read on the website that for our projects it still doesn’t apply. It was very difficult to find CC EDM and it is almost non existent. In my own time I decided to make a version of my video with actual EDM songs that I have heard at these concerts. I feel as though this music gives the feel of the festivals in a much better way and expresses my views of the concert. I am much more proud of this version than the other. I do not expect a grade for this video but am interested in feedback in general just so that I may improve my skills as a video editor. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy.