For this project I got the idea to do a festival after movie. It is very common for people to make their own videos and then create a cool short movie kind of summing up what the festival was like. A lot of the major companies that put on these festivals even make their own videos a lot of the time. I also drew a lot of inspiration from the teaser and trailer videos that they release before an event. Here are a couple videos in particular that I really liked: 1, 2, 3

Some of the design principals that really influenced me were the use of color, camera angles and different effects to give the videos different feels. I feel like by using different effects as seen in the examples that I provided, different feelings and emotions are able to be expressed. I’m hoping that when I go back and edit I will also be able to effectively show the different emotions and feeling of each of the festivals that I went to.

To do this project I started out by going to all of the events that I wanted featured in my video. I took a lot of footage but because it was so crowded a lot of it was really jerky and hard to focus. I feel like this kind of helps with the feeling of being at a concert. I also made the mistake of taking a bunch of vertical footage which I later found out that I couldn’t use for this project. Because of this my whole project has bee change around. I no longer plan on doing just a recap of my year of raving but instead will do a voice over highlighting what I love most about them. For my draft I started by adding a bunch of videos that I really liked. I then cropped them down to the specific point that I liked the most. After this I added a few small transitions. I didn’t use any audio from the videos because it was too loud and poor but I plan on using my voice and other music in the background. Along with this I still need to add a title page, credits and the names of the artists that are being featured. I also plan to add more effects to make the videos each have their own feel. I know I still have a lot more work to do but I am excited to see how it comes out.

I used a song in my draft but do not plan to have it in the final, it is only there now so that my draft isn’t silent.