For this project I ended up interviewing 4 of my friends about their experiences and opinions on EDM festivals. I thought this related back well to my topic because their responses really highlight some of the feelings you get at these concerts. I tried to set the audio up so it sounded a little more like a group of friends talking because that’s what these festivals are all about: having fun with a group of your friends.

For me, I really liked the idea of having my audio set up to sound similar to that of an interview. I wanted it to sound similar to the many podcasts you can hear of EDM artists being interviewed about their work. I thought that this would be the most logical and fitting approach for my project design.  I think some of the most significant aspects of my design were the interview questions, background music and my introduction in the beginning. I think that by introducing my friends as they spoke it allowed the viewer to see who was going to talk better and allowed for more of an interview like style. I think having the background music also really helped it feel like a podcast or a interview found on popular music sites.

To start this project I began with writing out the questions that I wanted to ask my friends. I then got my phone and used one of the recording applications I had to record my friends. I made sure to use headphones with a microphone in order to get the best sounding audio as possible. After that I recorded myself asking the questions. For my first draft I started with just putting all of the audio in together to make one fluid audio clip. To edit it I used the razor tool to cut out specific places I didn’t want. For a lot of the audio I had a lot of unwanted pauses, “ums” and “likes” that I didn’t want. I also dragged the ends of the clips in to shorten them up in the beginning and ends. For my draft that is all I could really do. However, after getting a lot of feedback from my peers I got some good ideas for editing. I was told that maybe an introduction could help my project flow a little better and I totally agreed. For my editing process I actually ended up cutting one of my friends out entirely. I did’t have enough time to fit five people’s responses in and hers tended to be really long and hard to edit shorter. After cutting out her audio I added in my own introduction after another round of recording myself on my phone.

After I finally finished recording I added in my narratives and clipped those with the razor tool to cut out the unwanted pauses I had. After this I went through and merged the clips together by right clicking and choosing “merge clips”. Once I was done editing my audio I decided that some of the volumes needed to be changed so that all of the audio was about the same level. For each persons clip I went through and moved the yellow audio line so that all of them sounded about the same. To finish up my project I moved my recordings to be centered between 2 minutes and then added background music. I lowered the yellow volume line of this so it wouldn’t compete with the voices and used the little fade boxes to make the music fade in at the beginning and out at the end. After that I was done!


I found the following music on under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States creative commons license.