For this project I decided to create an interview like audio story. I decided to ask a bunch of my friends that like to go to EDM festivals what their first one was, why they like them and if they would recommend them to someone who has never gone before.  I think these are some really key questions that can help people understand the culture of EDM and what makes them so lovable by so many people.

I really like the idea of story telling through interviews and thought that this would be a great way t express EDM festivals. In my later draft I plan to add soft background music in order to make it seem like a podcast. Each of the elements or questions in my audio are really important in expressing my story. In the beginning I started with recording myself asking the questions. I then went to a lot of my friends and recorded them too. After this I inserted all of the recordings and started editing.

To record my  audio I used an application on my phone and then emailed the files to my computer. I then opened up audition and created a new multimedia file . I inserted all of the audio i wanted by dragging them in and dropping them into my document. I then organized them so that the responses followed which question was being asked. The main tool I used was the slicing tool in order to cut out unwanted “ands” or “ums”. I also cropped the audio so that it was shorter in the beginning and end. Later I plan to adjust the volume of some of the audio so they are all the same and add music that fades in and out. Some of the challenges I faced were figuring out how to crop the audio in just the right place so that it still ran smooth. All of the material I used was my own.