When I first started this project I got a lot of design inspiration from other EDM artists that I listened to. I ended up going on to google and found some inspiration such as the one here. I noticed that a lot of these logos were pretty simple and used a lot of negative space in their work. I wanted to try to incorporate this theme into my design as well but also have it be a fun and exciting. I think that I was able to successfully use negative space and keep it pretty simple but still intriguing.

I decided to create my own “company” name by taking a commonly used phrase used at EDM festivals.  Girls who like heavy bass in music are sometimes called this and so I wanted my logo to appeal to them an other ravers. I feel like I was able to accomplish this by not only making the bunny generic but also the colors and text. At first when I was creating my design I was afraid that it was too busy and almost didn’t put the music notes and distortion coming out of the headphones. However, this loud, chaotic kind of feel is a huge part of what EDM festivals are all about. I felt as if I didn’t include this then the feeling of heavy bass wouldn’t be portrayed and I wouldn’t have as successfully demonstrated the feel of EDM. At first I started with just the bunny head but then I started to think that it looked a little boring and that the name of my company wouldn’t be remembered. To fix this I decided to add the Bs in the background and really loved the look. As for the colors I knew I wanted a loud kind of “in-your-face” color to help with the feeling of crazy, fun music. I ended up doing the gradient too to make the bunny a little less green and a little more turquoise. I know that orange is a good contrasting color to green so I made the headphones that to pop out a little more from the scene.

To being my project I started out by using the pen tool to draw out an ear. Once I was happy with that I copied it and used the transform function to reflect it. once I had two separate ear shapes I decided to make a head. This was the part that took me a while because I wasn’t ever happy with how it looked. After I had drawn my shape I used the functions under the pen tool to add more anchor points and add the fur on the top of the head and the cheeks of the bunny. I ended up making the head less round and was finally happy with that. After this I used the shape too to make two long narrow rectangles for the eyes and again grouped them, copied them and reflected them to make equally sized eyed. For the mouth I used the line segment tool and made the stroke to 6 points. For both the nose and mouth I used the pen tool and free formed all of the shapes. I used a lot of bunny pictures as references but never used any to trace. Finally I filled everything with the colors I chose and merged them together. For the headphones I created a free form shape and added another rectangle to it. I noticed that headphones had kind of a rounded rectangular part to them so I also used the shape too to add a rectangle with rounded edges. After that I grouped it, copied it and then reflected it to make the other side of the headphone. For the arching part I just used the pen tool and used curved lines. To make them look a little more 3D I added a radial gradient tool and a lighter orange at the sides. Lastly I used the type tool to type out a B. I then converted it to outlines, copied it and reflected it. I set this behind the bunny and then used the type too again to write “Bass Bunny” and “Productions.

Overall I had a lot of fun making this logo and fell in love with using Illustrator!