Help me choose which to use!

For this project I ended up really liking two of my sketches and the ideas that I could pursue with them. Both logos above include terms that are regularly heard and seen in the EDM festival culture. In the first logo I decided to use the idea of bass and loud heavy music because that is what is heard in EDM music. Bass, or hearing the bass drop, is the surrounding idea of a lot of EDM songs. The second logo I created incorporates the idea of kandi. At EDM festivals everyone wears and trades these “Kandi” bracelets as a means to meet new people and make different memories with each. The hands creating a heart are also a part of the trading process.

For both of my logos I really tried to focus on the idea of balance and looked a little bit at the idea of figure and ground. I made sure to have the same number of bracelets on each wrist along with  a similar amount of music notes on each side of the bunny ears. I also found that I really liked the idea of mirroring the letters on both logos. For example the use of the Bs in the background or the Ks in the middle of the hands. I feel as thought this really helps with the balance. However, to make sure things were still visually appealing I made sure to tilt one bunny ear a little more and make various kandi for each wrist. I took a lot of ideas for text and some of my logo design from other EDM artist’s logos such as the ones found here. For my design process I started with a draft of my logos on paper. I then outlined and image of hands and created my own shapes from there in order to create the Kandi Krew logo. For my Bass Bunny logo I also started with a hand drawn draft. From there I created all of my own shapes to create and image of a bunny. I ended up using these images as a reference for how I wanted my headphones to look on my bunny’s head. When designing these I really tried to focus on my color use and incorporate bright fun colors. I feel like it makes my logos a little more memorable while also reflecting the feel of EDM festivals.

To begin my project I started with making the Kandi Krew logo. First I inserted and image of heart hands that I liked. From there I created a vector image of the hands by using the pen tool and tracing the outline of the hands. After that I filled the hands with the gradient fill and used a linear gradient to make the pink to purple fade of the hands. Next I took the shape tool and created some small rectangles about the shape of a bead. I then curved their edges by dragging in the smallish grey circle on the shape. After this I made a more square shaped bead using the shape tool and rounding the edges slightly. To make all of the beads appear more 3D I used a radial gradient fill and made sure a lighter color was on the outside to create a sort of highlight or shine. In order to flip the K I used the type tool and typed out two Ks in the font that I liked. I then used the create outlines option so that they could be manipulated separately and more like a shape. Finally I reflected the one K and used the type tool to add the rest of the text.

As for my Bass Bunny logo I used the pen tool to create my bunny’s head and the other shapes for the mouth, ears and head phones. I then used a radial gradient fill on the headphones to make them more 3D and a linear gradient fill for the bunny to fade the colors. I made the outlines all various shapes and then expanded them so that the image was scale-able. I did the same thing for the background Bs as I did for the Ks and created the music all with the shape and pen tool.  As for technical issues the only thing that I ran into was not being able to switch the outlines so that they would change to scale with the rest of the image. I finally had to go back to one of the tutorials in order to remember how to do it.


Outline of hand image:

I was able to find this image on Pixabay  by searching “heart hands”. This was uploaded by the user Tante Tati under the CC0 creative commons domain which also allows me to use it. https://pixabay.com/en/hands-woman-heart-symbol-female-1179560/