photoshop_project_1_finalDuring the course of this project I just really wanted to focus on having fun with my design and keeping in mind the feelings EDM concerts bring me. While creating my image I tried to create something similar to that of what you see and feel at a concert. I know from my experience when I go everything is loud, flashy and just a little bit crazy but that’s exactly what makes the experience. My design might seem a little bit cluttered in areas and have some vivid colors but it is these characteristics that really tie my image to my topic.

When I first started my project there were 3 major things that influenced how I wanted mine to look. First off this image of a Paradiso festival poster influenced my color choice and the desire to create something similar in that aspect. Along with this, other USC Events posters really guided me with what I wanted to look at and inspired me to create my work. The second major influence I had was a picture that I took at the Freak Night EDM festival that I attended in October. I thought the lights and vibrant colors in this image were really cool and knew I wanted to incorporate it. Lastly were the hands that I have in the background of my image. At many festivals you can see people throwing up hearts with their hands or other symbols all throughout the crowd. I don’t know if this is just a concert thing or specific to just EDM but I thought I was a mandatory staple for my work.

For my first draft I started with the galaxy sky as my background image. I loved the stars and purples and proceeded to add more layers over it. By placing two cloud layers and changing their filter I was able to lighten up the image a lot more while making it appear to have pinkish cloud forms. Also, by adding a hue/saturation clipping mask to each of these layering photos, I was able to manipulate them each in their own way. When I was satisfied with the background I decided to insert the hands. For this portion I used the lasso tool to outline the shape of the hands and then created a clipping mask to hide the parts I didn’t want. After this I painted them black and changed their filter so that the image of the galaxy would show through them. I wanted the hands to kind of blend with the background but still be just a little bit visible. I layered four rows of the same silhouetted crowed and changed the colors in order to mimic the idea of a large receding crowd. I then used the lasso tool to select and crop the area so that they would fit into the hands. After that I added the image that inspired my design into the center as a focus. Lastly I inserted a few more people and called my draft good.

After reviewing the feedback from my peers and looking at my design with a fresh eye I decided to clean up the clipping of the people in my design and add a few more elements.  I started with adding confetti to the top of my design. At almost every festival there is confetti and it was something I hadn’t thought about originally. I removed the original blue background and selected just the confetti by using the magic wand tool. I selected all of the background and then inverted my selection so that only the colored confetti was chosen. After that I inserted it into my image and gave it a clipping mask to manipulate its hue/saturation. Next I duplicated the image of people with raised hands and placed it on the right side. In the comments people had mentioned how the image looked uneven with hands being raised on only one side so I that was my attempt at solution. To even out the spacing of my people I added another image of my friends and used the lasso tool to select them out of the background. Lastly, people had mentioned how they thought I should change the background of the hands so that they would pop out more. I tried putting in a purple background but I didn’t like how it looked and it honestly went against what my original design concept was. Instead, I tried to define the outlines of the hands a little more by adding speakers so that they hands would have more of an edge to them. The very last thing I did was change the size and font of my text. I felt as though it was getting lost in the business of everything else so I made it a little bit bigger and chose a thicker font so that it would pop out more.

For this project I didn’t really run into any challenges or problems. I knew how to use a lot f the tools in Photoshop in order to successfully change and manipulate the images they way I wanted to use them. I did find that by doing the Photoshop tutorials I was able to learn a few things that helped me through this project. I think the most helpful thing was learning how to use the inverse of a selection by going to the selection panel and then clicking inverse. I had always struggled with figuring out how to select the specific portion of a photo that I wanted and this was the perfect solution for it.

Overall I had a lot of fun playing with these images and learning just how to manipulate them. I really hope I captured the feel of EDM festivals and that my viewers enjoy my work!

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The following images I received by Facebook Messenger from my friend Bianca. She gave me permission to use her work.

The following images I received by Facebook Messenger from my friend Olivia. She gave me permission to use her work.

The rest of the images are my own.