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For this project I really wanted to create a surreal like scene that appears to be almost dream like. I wanted the viewer to feel immersed in the culture of EDM festivals and what you feel when you attend one. I feel like this is a really good representation of my topic because I’m going to incorporate as much of the EDM culture as I can. To do this I included the silhouettes of people in a crowd, a stage that I got to see myself, heart hands and group photos of various people at events.   Some of the principals that inspired me were the Gestalt Theory and things such as proximity and hierarchy. The Gestalt theory says that the whole is other than the sum of its parts. For me this means that each of the smaller parts within the whole has its own relevance and contribution to the piece’s meaning. I looked at a lot of posters for concerts and events like that and got a lot of inspiration from those. I noticed that a lot of EDM Festival posters had bright, flashy colors and tried to mimic that in mine.

I decided to use the galaxy background because it is often seen a lot in the EDM scene. Along with this it helps give the idea of how big the world is and where your place in it might be. Following this I had the outline of the hands in the shape of a heart. I used this because there are a number of photos taken like this at festivals and it was a good way to tie in the text I had of “finding what you love”. Within the hands are the silhouettes of people in a crowd which is often the only thing you see when you are at these festivals because the lights are so bright. At the very bottom I began to add pictures of groups at different events, enjoying their time together. I thought this would help incorporate the idea of “finding where you belong”.

To find the images I wanted to use I gathered some of my own and some from my friends. Along with this I used the stock photos from various free websites. Some of the tools that I used were the magic wand tool to select various parts of the image that I wanted to keep and then would create a clipping mask to hide the parts I didn’t want. I would then re paint certain areas that I wanted back too. Another really useful were the adjustment layers in order to create a sort of unity among the colors. These were the main tools I used throughout my drafting process. I didn’t really run into any problems along the way but I’m sure as I edit and revise I’ll sun into some.

Image Citations

I got this image from my friend Bianca and belongs to her, however I asked for permission to use it in this project and it was approved.

I found this image by searching on pixabay the key word “galaxy”. It was shared by the user Unsplash August 2016. I know I have the right to use this legally because it is under the CC0 creative commons public domain.

I also found these other three images by searching Pixabay with the term “galaxy” all of which are also under the CC0 creative commons public domain.

  • Image 1 uploaded by the user tommyvideo
  • Image 2  uploaded by the user Unsplash
  • Image 3  uploaded by the user geralt

Another image I was able to find on Pixabay was this one uploaded by the user PeteLinforth. This image was uploaded with the CC0 Creative commons public domain license  which allows me to use it in this project.

The last image I was able to find on Pixabay was this image by searching “heart hands”. This was uploaded by the user Tante Tati under the CC0 creative commons domain which also allows me to use it.

I found this image by searching “rave” on Visualhunt. It was uploaded by Thomas Hawk and was under the creative commons license 2.0 indicating that I can use it for non-commercial use and I can modify it which I did.

Lastly I got this image  image from one of my friends, Olivia who gave me permission to use it.