My friends and I at the Magnifique festival in September 2016

Earlier this year, in the month of September, I remember sitting in my sorority with some of my room mates while they excitedly chattered about some festival. At the time I had no idea what Magnifique was or anything about EDM songs or artists. My friends badgered me for days until I finally caved and decided to go with them. For me this was something completely new. I had only been to a few concerts before this and was a little nervous for what I was in for. In the end however, I loved it. No concert had been like my night at Magnifique and I met so many new and different people from all over. I think it was a great experience and introduced me to a whole new music culture. I decided to choose this as my topic so that I could share a little bit of my experiences in this world with other people too!

In order to be successful in my projects I was thinking about collecting some of my own media to use. I have some old photos of my friends and I at events that we went to before and also plan to collect more during the future festivals I plan to go to. Along with this I can use creative commons license images and media to help out where I can’t necessarily fill myself.

The reason why I thought EDM festivals would be a good topic to choose is because of how easily ideas came to mind for some of the projects. For the first project I can easily make a collage of images from previous festivals I have been to. Along with this I can incorporate free images to add more depth to my projects. I already have an idea of creating a poster highlighting some of the best parts of going to these festivals. My second idea includes creating a video highlight of all the visuals and friendship aspects of EDM festivals. I was thinking of including my own videos and potentially interviewing people about their experiences at these festivals.

While looking at inspiration for my topic I found three things that really stuck out to me. The first is this video created by USC events advertising the festival called Resolution.

I really liked this video because of the song they chose in the background and also the various angles they shot for the video. I’m hoping that with enough tutorials and teaching myself I’ll be able to create something like this. I thought It was a great way to advertise and seeing as how I went to this event I can use some of my own media in it.

The second source that inspired me was an artist’s Instagram page. Below is the link.

His Instagram has a bunch of concerts that he has been at and shows a lot of what the EDM culture is like. Having seen him live also makes him an inspiration to try to portray.

My last source of inspiration came from a variety of different artists logos and names.

Image is from and highlights a number of widely known EDM artists.

So many of these logos and names provide insight on what the artist is like and what their music might sound like. So many of these have helped me with my idea process and what I might want to do for project two.

Overall I’m excited to start these projects and see where they take me!